Try the advantages of a software-based phone Central

Try the advantages of a software-based phone Central

sfonPBX offers calls via VoIP and PSTN, so that you can use your ADSL line for calls without loosing sound quality and provide substantial savings in the cost of your business phone.

sfonPBX is a full Phone Central, connect PSTN / ISDN Lines, Sip Lines to use VoIP.

It is working with all common Sip Phones and Sip Gateways.

You can setup your Dial Plan to use free local calls with your normal Landline and expensive calls with VoIP.

Connect your Home Office with your company with only a few clicks.

Receive or send calls throug PSTN / ISDN lines or via Sip lines.

It's not needed to install cables for the Telephones, use your Computer Network.

Easy to install and maintain

No qualified personnel necessary

sfonPBX is software based and works on any Windows computer

Works with Sip / VoIP and PSTN / ISDN lines

Much cheaper than regular telephone systems

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